The latest released version is 0.9.2

Since the 0.9.0 version it is NECESSARY to use Java 8. To upgrade from previous versions, just copy the db folder under the new release installation path. As always, BaasBox applies the necessary patches to the database but this operation cannot be undone, so we strongly suggest to perform a backup of the database directory.

Administration console


Manage all the features of BaasBox. BaasBox has a web console that allows managing its behavior and performing administrative tasks. The console is a responsive one-page web application that performs REST calls to the BaasBox admin APIs.


Users management


Signup: this API allows a user to sign up to the App. Login: checks username/password and grants the user the right to execute other calls. Logout: allows a user to logout from the app on a specific device.
Fetch a User profile. Allows to retrieve information about a user profile (public, private, etc.).
Password recovery. Allows to reset a user password. This API is useful when a user forget their password and needs to reset it.
Login through Facebook and Google+. BaasBox provides an API that allows you to connect/create your users through social networks.

Content management

Create/modify/delete objects(Documents). A document belongs to a Collection. You can create, read, update and delete a document, provided you have access to it.
Grant/revoke authorization on a single object. Grants: you can set permissions for a single user or a role name. Revokes: you can revoke permissions to a single user or a role name.
Geospatial Queries. Is a special type of database query

File management

Create, delete and fetch files. API to create and upload a file. By default the uploaded file will be accessible only by the owner, backoffice and admin users. After the uploaded metadata (and exif data in case of images) are extracted and attached to the file.
Extract content and metadata. API to extract the data of a particular file.
Links. Links allow to connect documents and files to each other. They are similar to the relations in a relational database. Of course there are differences between relations and links. First of all, links have a direction, secondly they have a name.



‘Twitter style Friendship’ among users. BaasBox is able to manage relations among users, implementing a concept of friendship similar (but not identical) to the one used by Twitter. A user registered on BaasBox can “follow” another user calling the follow API.

DB management


Backup/restore and reset the integrated database. The item on the console menu called DB Management allows you to perform some operations on the database.

Push notifications


Send push to iOS and Android devices. Push notifications are messages that a user can receive using an APP that has BaasBox as back-end. Supported platforms are Android and iOS. Certificates have to be configured in the Settings of the console.  
Multiapp. With this feature it will be possible to use the same backend to send push notifications to different apps published on the store. For example, developers need to use the same BaasBox to send different push notifications to differente list of users of both their free app and their corresponding paying app (In-App Purchase).
Additional data for iOS & AndroidNow you can send arbitrary data to your app via push notifications

Api access management

API access control lets you manage which endpoints are accessible from the outside world. Each endpoint belongs to a named group, identified by a key.

Server Side Code


Server Side Scripting. This will allow you developers to extend the API provided by BaasBox with custom functions, expose new endpoints, add hooks to events on the server and schedule tasks to be executed periodically
If you have not seen them yet, we have produced another video that show the use of the engine:
Birth of a plugin
Here you will find the specific documentation Plugin Engine Docs

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Unfortunately, Baasbox Server is no longer supported.

Baasbox, as a Company, pivoted some time ago and does not offer any support to the server that developed so far.

Of course, Baasbox server is an open source project and it is still available on Github end it is free to download on this site.